Server 2016r2 dhcp not updating dns

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VMs running Linux (generation 2 VMs) will be able to use the Secure Boot option now. I assume that more distros will be added to this list later on.Windows Server 2016 will give you the ability to add and remove network adapters on the fly, without downtime.With Windows Server 2012 R2, the current configuration version is 5, and surprisingly, it won’t be 6 in 2016 — TP3 gave us version 6.2 and TP4 shows 7 — unless something changes, of course.There is a difference compared to earlier versions: For instance, when you move or import a VM that comes from WS 2012 R2 to 2016, you’ll notice that the configuration version will remain at 5.I advise you to always keep integration services up-to-date.The number of production environments I see where this is not occurring is heartbreaking.I also hope that in the next previews or GA we’ll see New-PSSession and even more.A new hypervisor means a new configuration version.

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), and you’ll get an updated management protocol (WS-MAN).This certainly will make management a lot easier in some cases, and it will provide additional possibilities for remote management.Another cmdlet you can use is the Invoke-Command -VMName VMName -Script Block to send multiple commands to the VM.In Windows Server 2016 Integration Services, updates will be delivered by Windows Update, which is a great way to get more of those VMs with the latest components.This functionality will also allow for tenants or workload owners to have control over this process, so they are not dependent on infrastructure services anymore.

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