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Having the freedom to marry in not only Idaho but every state means maybe another child like me wont have to feel left behind, out casted, persecuted or shunned in the eyes of the law." Rebecca and Theresa have been together for almost 23 years, after meeting at a small bookstore art gallery in 1991 in Moscow, where Rebecca was involved in an art show with some pottery that she had made.

They became fast friends, and not too soon after, they were dating.

Krista explained, "Our hope is that our children will look back at our lives and be proud of the path we carved and the pride we had." Nichole and Ryanne are a happily engaged couple living in Idaho - the state where Nichole is originally from."The freedom to marry my fiancé would be my dream come true," Natalie said."Sharon and I plan on having children, and I want them to know that their parents are legally married and that their home is protected by law." She added, "The freedom to marry in Idaho matters to me because all of my life I have felt like an outcast."We are 60 and 62 years old - approaching retirement & thinking about the long term picture," Rebecca said."It is increasingly important to us that we have the important legal rights and protections that married couples have as we go into this next stage of our lives.

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