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While incarcerated for this robbery, he was diagnosed by a psychiatrist as being a highly manipulative character.The psychiatrist also described Bittaker as "having considerable concealed hostility." Bittaker was released on parole in 1963, after serving two years of this sentence.Bittaker attempted to flee the scene of the stabbing, but was restrained by two of Louie's fellow employees.Gary Louie survived the stabbing, and Bittaker was convicted of the lesser charge of assault with a deadly weapon In the latter incident, he had attempted to force his way into the car of a lone woman.Norris' father was informed of this incident, and threatened to beat his son.In response, Norris stole his father's car and drove into the Rocky Mountains, where he attempted to commit suicide by injecting pure air into an artery in his arm.Norris accepted a plea bargain whereby he agreed to testify against Bittaker and was sentenced to life imprisonment on May 7, 1980, with possibility of parole after serving 30 years. Over the following four years, he was arrested on several occasions for shoplifting and petty theft, obtaining a minor criminal record and being brought to the attention of juvenile authorities (Bittaker would later claim these numerous theft-related offenses committed throughout his adolescence had been attempts to compensate for a lack of love from his parents). By this stage in his adolescence, he and his adoptive parents were living in California.

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Within months of his release, he had been arrested in Los Angeles for robbery and, in May 1961, was sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment.

Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker (born September 27, 1940) and Roy Lewis Norris (born February 5, 1948) are American serial killers and rapists known as the Tool Box Killers, who together committed the kidnap, rape, torture, and murder of five teenage girls over a period of five months in southern California in 1979. Bittaker's adoptive father worked in aircraft factories, which required the family to frequently move around the United States throughout his childhood.

Described by FBI Special Agent John Douglas as the most disturbing individual upon whom he has ever performed a criminal profile, Bittaker was sentenced to death for five murders on March 24, 1981, and is currently incarcerated on death row at San Quentin State Prison. Upon his birth, Bittaker was placed in an orphanage by his natural mother, but was adopted by Mr. At the age of 12, Bittaker first came to the attention of police when he was arrested for shoplifting.

He was sentenced to five years, but was released in April 1970.

However, in March 1971, Bittaker was again arrested for burglary.

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