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I was intrigued by the gritty Chicago blues harp tone heard in many old and new blues recordings, and thus started my investigation I guess you could say, into finding out how they were getting these incredible sounds out of a simple 10 hole diatonic harp.

It's here to share the information that I have gathered over many years of collecting and researching harmonica mics, and looking for ways to get the tone that we're all looking for by using different mic's, amp's, and other gadgets.

I have tried the usual searches but have not been able to find a precise date. They have the early alnico magnets and the diamond shaped logo on the fronts. Technics - SU-C909U Pre-Amplifier & SE-A909S Power Amplifier & Technics ST-GT 1000 Tuner & Pioneer PDS 505 Precision player & Thorens TD-125 MK1 Turntable & SME 3009 Series 1 & Shure V15 Type II Cartridge & SME 2000 Plinth & Celestion A compact Speakers , Monster Speaker Cable , Cambridge Audio Atlantic Yellow Interconnects.

Spare Kit Quad 33/303 , Creek 6060 , NAD 3020 Original , Cambridge P40 , Linn LK85 Power Amplifier , Luxman 507X , Pioneer SA 6300 , Chaps - I have just purchased a pair of very early Spendor BC1's and am trying to date them. Sign on to the Yahoo Spendor Group as they have sales charts in their files for the popular Spendor models.

Like many beginners, I thought that the right mic and a tube amp was going to give me this great tone that I was hoping for.

Well, it helped, but I quickly found out that playing ability and technique are just as, if not more important to getting good tone.

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