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You could find out about such events hosted in your city from newspapers or local bulletins.

Also get the latest updates from medical associations in your city.

You also need to consider if you have what the eligible guys and girls in whites are looking for.

It is not necessary for a surgeon to meet another super-intelligent partner to be happy in love - quite the contrary really, since a partner with average intelligence is less likely to seem competition in professional matters.

Like other super successful professionals, surgeons too need to unwind sometimes and what better to do on a day off than hit the golf links or get pampered in the spa.

And while it may be expensive for you to hang out at these places, once in, you are more likely to come upon a doctor in a sociable mood and hence willing to chat you up over a martini.

However AMA has a chapter in each state which keeps organizing meets, dinners and semi-social events.This is mainly due to the nature of a surgeon’s area of specialization.While an American cardiac surgeon can earn as much as 0,000 a year, the average salary of a general surgeon is a mere 3,700.Indeed volunteering can be another way to meet a man or woman in scrubs.Charity medical camps like blood donation events or immunization camps are venues which are easier to gain access to, even though the number of doctors here - and surgeons especially - may be few and eligible ones a matter of supreme luck.

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