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Is it because the girls in Slovenia are known as the most beautiful women in the world?Or is it because girls in Slovenia are looking for foreign men? Actually, let me reveal the true side of the Slovenian girls and women.After that your only options are a sketchy bus or a 0 cab ride. Let’s just say that the weather is far to go in terms of customer service, and that next time I go back across the pond I most definitely have to live in the city.Unlike Ljubljana where public transit runs all night at least partially and a cab to pretty much anywhere you care about (because you can afford to live in not-suburbia) is about 5 euro. Suburbia is easily the worst torture method ever conceived.Here, I’ve seen groups of as many as six people comprised of just girls. Head kept spinning round and round like I hadn’t seen a female in ten years. When you travel to SF as a geek you’re super excited about going into an atmosphere that’s perfect for geeks and nerds. You will be surrounded by like-minded people, you will overhear conversations about scaling and redis and balancing and map reduce on the train and in coffee shops and on the street and just about everywhere. Nobody knows that Alexandra runs personal ads under the nickname “The Slovenian Girl” and that prostitution is her secret source of income.“Slovenka” soon becomes quite famous in the tabloids, which makes it even harder for Alexandra to keep lying to her friends and especially to her warmhearted and sincere Dad.

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Eva Grilc of the National Institute of Public Health said that they are now trying to find everyone who was in close contact with the girl.

Perhaps because I’m from Slovenia and I have been conditioned to view optimism with a heavy dose of scepticism.

Okay, maybe it’s a facade of complaints, but it more genuine.

And they most certainly don’t talk to you in an upbeat voice. No matter how cheerful or upbeat you talk to them, it’s just going to weird them out. And , they’ll tell you about how taxes are raping them, how much of an asshole their boss is, and that while things are actually pretty crappy, they’re still doing fine.

UKC Ljubljana’s Department of Infectious Diseases confirmed that a 15-year-old Slovenian girl contracted typhoid fever, apparently at a Rainbow gathering in Northern Italy.

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