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It’s safe to say that this game will offer the same charm as the previous titles.

The goal for is to make the game of golf fun and accessible to everyone.

Along with being able to freely roam the entire course, other players can be seen playing simultaneously, but they will not interfere with the gameplay.

"When you combine the destruction of data with the release of what has turned out to be embarrassing data, put those two together and those are some new dimensions that most security, IT and even management teams aren't used to dealing with."Prioritizing detection The problem isn't simply that the hackers have advanced, it's that corporations have proven ineffective at detecting and dealing with breaches."The malware that was used would have slipped -- probably have gotten past -- 90 percent of Net defenses that are out there today in private industry," and perhaps even the government, he said.Echoing that assessment was Kevin Mandia, CEO of Internet security firm Mandiant, which was hired by Sony to investigate the attack.Each hole has a scoreboard as points are rewarded for how well the hole is completed.This aspect will look to add a whole new dimension to the franchise and possibly other golf games going forward.

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