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The large building in the centre is the Cathedral, while the Episcopal Palace and courtyards can be seen above the cathedral and the ancient Castle of Braga Human occupation of the region of Braga dates back thousands of years, documented by vestiges of monumental structures starting in the Megalithic era.During the Iron Age, the Castro culture extended into the northwest, characterized by Bracari peoples who occupied the high ground in strategically located fortified settlements (castrum).

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But our collective history is more than our collective sins.The very idea that we should move Confederate monuments from public spaces is an affront to history. Advancing the question: what purpose do monuments serve?The president suggests that the push to remove memorials to the Confederacy from public spaces is what is ripping the country apart, not the effort by white supremacists to use the monuments as a flash point for a renaissance of hate.Towards the end of the 3rd century, Emperor Diocletianus promoted the city to the status of capital of the administrative area Conventus bracarensis, the southwestern area of the newly founded Roman province of Gallaecia.During the Germanic Invasions of the Iberian Peninsula, the area was conquered by the Suebi, a Germanic people from Central Europe.

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    Following a successful milestone decision authority (MDA) led review, the U. Navy’s MQ-4C Triton unmanned aircraft system (UAS) obtained positive Milestone C low-rate initial production approval. This decision marks the beginning of the production and deployment phase of the U. An integrated test team made up of Navy personnel from air test and evaluation squadrons VX-1 and VX-20, unmanned patrol squadron, VUP-19 and Northrop Grumman demonstrated the reliability of Triton going into Milestone C on September 22.