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Partnership is what the Arts Council perpetually has to do, now cultural orgs and Unis can work to increase their economic and educational and economic revenue.

Placemaking in Sunderland, Teesside, Liverpool John Moores Universities: from helping turn venues around to finding common ground.

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Do the different sectors speak the same language, can they crack each other’s codes? How do you work with Universities when they’re always in flux, embodying change, how do you get to grips with agendas and languages which initially seem strange.

Five years on from the Salford move, truly embedding in a Northern place with more live events, meeting people face to face.

Deliberately high profile, listening to an authentic local voice, from the Great North Passion to 6Music’s Fest, building local pride getting real live Northerners on side, providing new pathways to employment, opening up non traditional routes, hoping to bloom beyond Salford University’s firmly established partnership shoots.

Then ACE Jane Tarr hosts a panel, asks “What is resilience?

” It’s not the same as success, it looks to the future, to what’s to come. Get businesses to shout about why they invest in their community, to inspire with their sense of civic responsibility. Will concentrated resources even out, when bigger cities with bigger voices are the ones with all the clout?

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