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The Net Control Station establishes the exact frequency for the Net.Zero-beat Net Control (that is, tune until Net Control is perfectly clear), and don't worry if the net is a little high or low on your dial. When Net Control calls for check-ins, with or without traffic, listen carefully for a little break, then give your call sign only, slowly and clearly, using standard ITU phonetics. When recognized, speak clearly and e-nun-ci-ate your words. If you have anything to say later in the net, wait until the Net Control calls for more check-ins, and say, "Recheck." When Net Control recognizes your recheck, present your information or question, but keep it brief and pertinent.Give your call sign, name, location, and if you have traffic to list, give the destination location - as in "I have one for Dallas, Texas" or if not, say "No Traffic." A brief greeting or comment is usually acceptable. Ending the exchange with your call sign signals Net Control that your recheck is complete.Listen to the net to learn how and when other types of break-ins are used, such as "relay, " "contact," "comment," and "info." When possible, monitor the net until it ends, in case someone checks in with traffic for your area.Many independent nets are seamlessly integrated with the NTS, through liaison stations, so that virtually all traffic nets are points of entry and exit for messages, and also provide message relay services to efficiently move traffic from origin to destination.There are two general types of traffic nets: routine and emergency.Use a radiogram form to copy the traffic, following the sender exactly, and requesting clarification (or, "fills") as needed, until all information is confirmed.

Emergency nets are strictly formal, and only stations participating in the emergency are allowed to check in.Some nets ask that you call Net Control and ask to be excused if you have to leave early.Just recheck, give your call sign, and say, "Please check me out." Do not leave the net if you have traffic listed, without informing Net Control.If you hear a traffic listing destined for your local calling area, recheck and offer to take the traffic.Net Control will pair you up with the person holding the traffic, and may or may not move you to another frequency to receive the traffic.

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