Teen dating violence in asia

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A rape and sexual abuse survivor’s site providing information on related topics. utk.edu/~bartley/sa Info RAINN – Rape Abuse & Incest National Network Abuse Treatment Referral, Resource, and Research Page Author: Matthew Rosenberg and Associates Description: This website contains information on legal resources, treatment, theories of sexual deviation, assessment, and research. It can be found on this website, which provides information and technical assistance to individuals and institutions interested in developing new SANE-SART programs or improving existing ones. What Faith Communities Can Do Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence is an interreligious educational resource addressing issues of sexual and domestic violence.

On their website, they post information about torture, treatment centers around the world, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Abuse Prevention Studies (CAPS) Description: The CAPS program is an interdisciplinary, graduate-level certificate program offered through the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse. Taylor Harlingen, Texas 78550 (956) 423-9305 (956) 423-9306 Monday - Thursday - pm Friday - pm Raymondville Location 192 N 3rd Street Raymondville, Texas 78580 (956) 689-5150 Monday - pm Please deliver all donations to: Repeat Performance 124 W.Jackson Harlingen, TX 78550 Monday - Friday - pm Saturday - pm Texas Resources Hotlines Primary Domestic Violence Resources Listed below are links to websites that may be helpful for you in recognizing and ending your abusive behavior.us/ast/dv/ Communities Against Violence Network Women’s Human Rights Net to Top The following are articles which can be found on: The Alcohol Connection people battle addiction A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents https:// PTSD and Substance Abuse https:// Back to Top The International Association of Chiefs of Police theiacp.org/pubinfo/pubs/Model Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, Domestic Violence Division Center on Women in Policing SABLE: Spouse Abuse by Law Enforcement Family Violence Factsheet Are Police Who Batter Affected by Ban on Convicted Batterers Possessing Guns?dni.us/KMO/Projects/Trends/99-00/Articles/Back to Top National Sexual Violence Resource Center provides links to sites offering statistical and research information. Description: Partners & Allies of Sexual Assault Survivors is a web site that offers an extensive resource list of books, newsletters, journal articles, self-help/support groups, music, films, web boards and much more. Description: If Someone You Love is a web page with information on what sexual assault is, who it hurts, the victim’s reaction, the family’s reaction and what can be done to help those who have been victimized.

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