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É uma ótima oportunidade para conhecer destinos novos (sem sair do lugar) e acompanhar as tendências de viagens.

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'Why would anyone mock up miles and miles of crops as far as my eyes can see?

Unfortunately I was suddenly unwell and had to postpone my first trip to August 2013.

Later when I approached the local travel agency (Universal Travel Corporation) specialising in North Korea tours with my proposal, the manager was very excited about it and immediately offered to sponsor my first trip.'Currently, talks are already underway to plan a third trip this autumn and I’ve been told that more travel agencies in Singapore and Malaysia are already interested in marketing exotic tours to North Korea.''Coming back from my second trip, many things still puzzle me.

Explaining how he got inside the secretive state, he explained: 'I sent several mails and faxes to multiple North Korean contacts, all of which are easily available online if you do a search.

Then one day someone actually replied and I met their representative.

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