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Word Press developers can extend Geo Directory infinitely, using hooks (actions and filters). We have been wholly focused on directory tools for Word Press since 2011.

We developed Geo Directory using Word Press standards and best practice to give you rocket-fast performance, an intuitive user interface and slick back-end options. If you need extra help getting your theme to work smoothly with Geo Directory, just hit us up for support in our forum – we’ll be right on it.

Geo Directory Framework is 100% responsive and adapts perfectly to any device or screen resolution. In the search field type Geo Directory and click Search Plugins.

Once you’ve found our Direcotry plugin you install it by simply clicking Install Now.

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But then something changed and since they haven’t developed any new extensions at all, closed the forum and thus took away all useful quick reference info you could find, and when you add this to the 3 main big problems: – slowing down a site heavily – not always programmed the way it should be (too many compatibility issues with themes) – way to many updates (and always the next day after an update comes a fix for what was broken the day before) which makes it hard to be always on top of things (cause there’s a LOT of customization needed for demanding projects), then the final verdict is disappointing.Thank you to the translators for their contributions.Translate “Ultimate Member – User Profile & Membership Plugin” into your language.The plugin provides extra flexibility by allowing you to activate/deactivate each email type from being sent to users.Ultimate Member is the #1 user profile & membership plugin for Word Press.

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