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By working with other security players, Mc Afee is leading the effort to unite against cybercriminals for the benefit of all.In April 2017, Mc Afee became a standalone cybersecurity company.Read CEO Chris Young’s letter about the announcement.Backed by an award-winning research team, security technologies from Mc Afee use a unique, predictive capability that is powered by Mc Afee Global Threat Intelligence—enabling home users and businesses to stay one step ahead of online threats.or are there several issues I need to be aware about..?Maybe there is some common issue that goes with updating antivirus on an exchange server that I don't know about..The result is a build-up of old DAT files that are no longer needed in the \MSME\Bin\DATs folder.If the MSME Update Task performs a DAT update, the Purge DATs Routine (Purge Old Definitions.exe) runs correctly and removes older DAT files that are no longer necessary.

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while I have some limited exchange experience and AD too. I don't wanna crash their server for a week and have them need to get someone to recover it. is it supposedly as easy as to click an 'update' button and to reboot your server..

By building solutions that work with other companies' products, Mc Afee helps businesses orchestrate cyber environments that are truly integrated, where protection, detection, and correction of threats happen simultaneously and collaboratively.

By protecting consumers across all their devices, Mc Afee secures their digital lifestyle at home and away.

The Exchange Server Analyzer Tool, available as a free download, remotely collects configuration data from each server in the topology and automatically analyzes the data.

The resulting report details important configuration issues, potential problems, and nondefault product settings.

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