Who is connie britton dating

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Often times, it's difficult to remember you're watching two actors at work, their transcendental chemistry refusing to relent until the final episode.

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Watching these moments unfold in brings to bear that sinking feeling you may have felt as a child when, in the safety of your own bedroom, you heard your parents arguing downstairs.

Sorry Tony and Carmela, Ross and Rachel - even Skylar and Walt: put these two together and you get the greatest married couple in television history.

The writing talent should be commended, but it's a credit to the duo's talents that these characters work so well on screen (between Chandler and Britton, three Emmy nominations and one win - for the latter in 2011 - were earned).

Set in Boston, the show centers around a single twentysomething, played by showrunner Frankie Shaw, who finds herself unexpectedly facing the realities of solo parenting.

Connie Britton will play the lead role in Nicole Holofcener’s comedy-drama “The Land of Steady Habits” for Netflix, following her departure from CMT’s “Nashville.” Britton is joining Ben Mendelsohn, Edie Falco and Thomas Mann in “Steady Habits,” based on the Ted Thompson novel.

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