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The rep even claimed that the second tabloid knew the romance report was false but published it anyway "just to stir up a rumor." Still, the Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson reports have fans wondering what happened with Jamie Foxx.

Holmes and Foxx have been linked for years, even though Foxx has always insisted that they are "just friends." WHY KATIE AND JAMIE ARE KEEPING THEIR ROMANCE PRIVATE Claudia Jordan did appear to confirm the romance earlier this summer, though she later backtracked. News reported that Holmes and Foxx's relationship is "not a secret among their friends." Since then, there have been several unconfirmed rumors that Foxx and Holmes split up.

was still on TV, and people actually met without using their phones.

Now that he's back on the dating scene after splitting with Diane Kruger, his girlfriend of 10 years, he's trying to figure out the new scene.

Many 'Dawson's Creek' fans want Pacey and Joey to get together in real life.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THE KATIE AND JAMIE SPLIT RUMORS But there is no evidence that Foxx and Holmes were even engaged.

to actually see the four of us on camera again might be a little bit shocking and kind of heartbreaking. It’s been a long time.” “I mean, we’re holding up okay, but I think if you put the four of us now next to the four of us then, it might be a little shocking,” he added.

RELATED: Diane Kruger Reunites with Joshua Jackson While Wearing a Summery Anchor-Print Romper Joshua, we beg to differ.

TMZ and the Daily Mail just published several photos of Diane Kruger and The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus returning from a “romantic road trip” in New York City.

The photos, which you can view here and here, show Kruger and Reedus unloading bags from Reedus’s Porsche — pretty innocuous, unless you consider the couple’s reportedly scandalous past.

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