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Most of the strategies have worked wonderfully for me, and I'd like to share that with other site users without cluttering up things with a "worked well" post. Thank you very much :-)In fact, votes for the individual strategies are already on the roadmap : DThere's a few smaller things I want to get done before that.Now, I'm sure that you don't need any more projects on your plate, but it's something that popped into my mind and thought I'd throw it out there. The next update (pretty soon, I'm more than halfway done with that) will add the legion ready checker functionality to all pages. I have played on at least one of them everyday trying to level up but I cannot see my armory at all. I recently created two characters on the Oceanic Server Frostmourne.While I AM always right - it feels kinda weird having that happen. : D The initial upvote is intended, it's your own!I went with the assumption that you (as the poster of a comment) are indeed right, and would of course upvote your own comment. ^^I just read another user's post about donations vs. Sholazar Guardians (Summoning on quest accept) - When you accept quest where you receive item to summon Goregek, Dajik, Zepik, Lafoo, Jaloot or Moodle the guardian for which player just received item is also summoned automatically.

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If folks arrive here from a search engine and land on the tamers' pages or in another area of the site, they won't see the button unless they go exploring and happen upon the homepage.Shattered Necklace should have possibility to drop for both factions (not just horde) the item is required for a quest for horde players but starts a different quest which horde cant even accept for alliance.You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.Mainly what breeds are required, what pets the enemy has, upvote option (^^) and some more stuff.Will take some time, but we're getting there :-)Love the new features. =D one thing though - when a new comment it posted it seems to upvote it automatically.

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