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In future Bad Online Dates Superhero Boyfriends videos, there will be more action and guys with guts who are ready to save the dating day.

About Bad Online Dates Founder/CEO Jennifer Kelton Jennifer Kelton is an entrepreneur, author, social media innovator and dating advisor, who has been investigating the game of love for 30 years.

Fans can laugh, post bad dates and get dating advice on the Bad Online Dates Facebook Fan page Twitter blogs: Blog.

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But did you know it's also risky to surf the Web searching for free movies or ...Get Cheap Mobile Phone Contract Deals with Fabulous ...Daily Dating Advice Resources for Communications free sms text, free online games, free stuff and much more - find all what you need with For Free Stuff.Connecting singles with others who share their values helps people learn from each other's dating disasters and turn negative experiences into positive ones."I'm really passionate about people being empowered to make the right life decisions, whether it's in love or business," Jennifer says. Jennifer's array of challenging dating experiences inspired her to write a book, Don't Use My Sweater Like a Towel. Nerd Girls AGo Go.com, and through the funny and informative webisodes of An early leader in online video content, Jennifer created Bad Date TV, featuring bad date characters such as "Bad Date Ben" and "Bad Date Betty." The two-year-old webisode series provides hilarious and inspiring lessons to help instill better etiquette and dating skills among the legions in the dating world who seem to have forgotten (or never learned) them."I'm a strong believer that laughter changes everything," Jennifer says.

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