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Raidou (father; undead)Ayame (mother)Genra (foster father) †Hayate (older maternal half-brother/paternal cousin)Kasumi (older maternal half-sister/paternal cousin)Shiden (paternal uncle)Burai (paternal grandfather) † Ayane (Japanese: 綾音) is a kunoichi of the Mugen Tenshin clan and the current master of the clan's Hajinmon sect.She was the winner of the third Dead or Alive Tournament.When Genra proposed that Ayane assisted him in his duties before the clan’s masters, Ayane met Hayate and the two started to form a close bond.From a young age, Ayane was trained to become a shinobi of the shadows, helping the clan from afar.Later, Ayane learned the truth of her conception when Ayame admitted that she was her biological daughter and the half-sibiling cousin to both Hayate and Kasumi.Driven by her own anger at being cast out, Ayane devoted herself to honing her Hajinmon abilities beyond any other shinobi in the clan to prove that even she, the lowly "cursed child," could become something great.

Although Ayane hated the idea, she didn't argue with Hayabusa and returned to her village for the time being.Since then, she has become one of the main protagonists of Dead or Alive (particularly for Dead or Alive 3) and has become one of the series' most popular characters.As such, she has made many appearances outside of Dead or Alive, most notably in the Ninja Gaiden series.Before the girls could do anything else, Fame stopped them and told them if they wanted to fight Raidou they had to make it to the final round of the tournament.Although both girls made it to the last few rounds, Ayane was defeated by her older sister, meaning Kasumi had the chance to take down Raidou.

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